I was daydreaming about life before Pinterest the other day. Going "way" back to pre-2010, before 27 year old Ben Silbermann created his app for an online pin board. 

How did I organize my favorite looks and styles?  How did I become inspired? How did I quickly find a photo of a certain piece of furniture to show a client? 

I used an antiquated piece of office equipment called The File Cabinet. It was a huge drawer stuffed with manila folders labeled with every category you can imagine. I would constantly reorganize this massive holder of inspiration; sometimes alphabetically, other times by style, then I would try to break it into rooms such as Kitchens, Family Rooms, Bathrooms etc. 

Then, along came Pinterest (chime in harp and violin music please). My daughter was the first to introduce me to this new way of organizing my swirling brain of creativity and ideas. Without skipping a beat I jumped on the pinning bandwagon a few years ago and haven't looked back since. Thank you Ben!


I use Pinterest primarily for my Interior Design business but among my approximately 2400 Pins are boards devoted to favorite recipes, gardening tips, holiday ideas and yes, even cute dog photos. My favorite styles and inspirations are now organized and available with a click of the computer. Some of my clients have created boards to share their thoughts with me and I've done the same to give them a visual of their future homes or businesses. 

The possibilities are endless. I invite you to check me out at Barbara Coulter Designs on Pinterest. Follow me, follow a board or two and become inspired!