I don't know where to begin ...

"I don't know where to begin". If I had a dollar for every time I've heard a new client say these words, I'd be able to buy all the Kate Spade shoes I've ever wanted! Typically we are staring into at an empty room, a set of blueprints or a half decorated house when these desperate words are cried out. So, where do I begin? At the end.

I call my method "dyslexic design" because I work backwards in some cases. This might be related to my habit of buying a piece of jewelry or a pair of shoes and then shopping for the perfect outfit to wear it with. 

When it comes to my design projects I begin by scouring the design centers for a lead fabric.  I usually present a few choices to my clients and watch their faces until they fall in love with a special pattern that speaks to them. From this one fabric I begin the process of pulling colors and textures for upholstery, paint color, art, accessories etc.  I look at the fabric over and over in all different lighting as a reminder of my inspiration, style and vibe for the room I'm designing. 

kravet fabrics

It's ALL about letting your lead fabric have the lead, we can mix other patterns with it but they have to know who's boss!  You know the term, "too many cooks in the kitchen"? Well, be careful not to allow too many lead fabrics in your bedroom or you may never sleep again. 

I wouldn't end this without telling you how I thank my lead fabric for its participation. They usually become pillows, window coverings, bedding or a small chair. Yes, I become very attached to my leads...don't tell my fabric vendors but I usually keep the original sample as a souvenir in my client's folder and visit it from time to time.