Throw Back Thursday - Apartment Models

Throw Back Thursday to the summer of 2013 on the East Coast, my helpers and I would walk into a high rise apartment model and see a challenge like the one below over and over. We would measure, assess and then go shopping for 10 hours to purchase art, accessories, drapes, bedding, pantry food, towels, light bulbs, you name it we bought it! Then we'd go back to our hotel rooms and collapse, get up the next morning, drive back to our project site, unload 2 big SUV's and get to work!


Taaaaa Daaaaaa, after another 10 hour day we were done!  I would call the apartment manager, give him/her a tour of the finished product and hand over the key...then move on to the next town. And we did this over and over and over for almost a year. It was a blast, especially because my "helpers" were my kids, Alex Coulter and Katie Bansmer. Great memories were made all during some very long work days and huge challenges. It was among the most rewarding projects I've ever been involved in and for that I'm grateful.