I'm Out !!!

So I "came out" a couple of weeks ago.  My coming out took courage, confidence and conviction.  You see, I've been in the Interior Design industry for over 30 years, owning my own business for almost 20 of those years. I've worked hard, worked on close to 1000 homes, met some amazing people, kept a roof over the heads of my children as a single Mom, had fun, road the economic roller coaster, and basically designed my brains out.  But...I've done all this in the proverbial closet.  I just kept plugging along quietly, humbly and steadily.  Many of my peers were pros at branding their companies, buying gigantic ads in the most prestigious design magazines and making a name for themselves.  I, on the other hand relied on word of mouth and the grace of God to bring me the next client and that worked better than you can imagine.  So why did I come out of the "closet" and finally get a Facebook  page, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc??  Because finally I realized that it's not a bad thing to share who I am, be vulnerable, be authentic, give away design secrets and spend the last chapter of my design career "out". 

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